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Dunhill has launched Icon Elite, a new fragrance for men. Icon Elite is the third in the series of ICON – Fragrance for a sophisticated gentleman!



ICON: Launched in the early 2015, the composition is aromatic-woody with an opening of fresh Citrusy Bergamot and Neroli Absolute. Its heart includes spicy and aromatic notes of Black Pepper, Lavender and Cardamom, leaning on a woody base of smoky Oud, Vetiver, Leather and Oak moss. The fragrance boasts a trio of Citrus, Wood and Floral elements.


Top Notes (Citrus and Spicy):
Citrus bergamia/bergamot, Petitgrain, Orange Blossom Water, Pepper

Middle Notes (Aromatic and Spicy):
Lavender, Juniper Berry, Sage, Green Cardamom

Bottom Notes: (Woody and Leather):
Leather, Iris, Oud, Oak moss, Vetiver


ICON Absolute: Launched in 2015, a Woody Spicy fragrance for men opening with Sicilian Bergamot and Black Pepper, creating a soothing Citrus, Woody and Floral element. The heart then brings hints of rich and earthy saffron combined with Black Rose and Egyptian Jasmine. As a parting note, the essence of masculinity continues with the musky element of the rare burning oud. Combined with Tobacco leaves and Tuscan leather, the scent trails with a warm sensation of Bittersweet Woodiness.


Top Notes (Citrus and Spicy):
Bergamot and Black Pepper

Middle Notes (Aromatic, Spicy and Floral):
Saffron, Black Rose and Jasmine

Bottom Notes: (Woody):
Agarwood (oud), Tobacco Leaf and Leather


ICON Elite: Launched in 2016, continuing the series of Icon collection, is the ICON Elite – With key notes of Sandalwood and Vetiver expertly blended with Sweet Cardamom, and additional notes of Orange Flower Leaf, the fragrance is characterized as Woody and very masculine.


Top Notes (Spicy):
Green Cardamom

Middle Notes (Woody):
Citrus Blossom, Vetiver

Base Notes: (Woody)
Ebony wood, Sandalwood

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